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20th century brought many amazing inventions, high expectations set for 21st century (Opinion) January 18, 2001 p14A
Beating the fear of the new (Opinion) March 15, 2001 p10A
Cell phones, e-mail, and other technological advances have given us the opportunity to do many things at once, but we pay less attention to what we are doing (Commentary) December 13, 2001 p10A
Here's how we did things back in the low-tech days (Funny Thing) December 9, 2004 p15A
Mom's need something that will organize them (Daily Dose) February 1, 2001 p11A
No first-class service anymore (Commentary) January 30, 2003 p12A
Understanding what makes things tick (Guest essay) October 10, 2002 p15A
With computers, my work gets better but is less fun (Notebook) November 29, 2001 p10A


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