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A chilly Thanksgiving in Austin, Texas (Funny Thing) November 30, 2000 p12A
A pie in the face beats two in the fridge (Funny Thing) November 29, 2001 p10A
A thanksgiving tale (Notebook) November 23, 2000 p10A
As always, we have much to give thanks for (Editorial) November 22, 2001 p10A
Brockports Food Shelter helps needy families enjoy Thanksgiving November 23, 2006 p11A
Emotional countdown to Thanksgiving (Daily Dose) November 10, 2005 p12A
Give thanks for what matters (Commentary) November 27, 2003 p10A
Giving thanks should be a lifelong, daily endeavor (Senior Life) November 25, 2004 p10A
In November's dark days, a Thanksgiving of light (Editorial) November 27, 2003 p10A
It's a long, long list of thanks (Commentary column) November 28, 2002 p14A


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