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(CSX) Rail system operating (within Sweden Industrial Center) September 12, 2002 p3A
All aboard for a yuletide ride December 19, 2002 p3A
Curitiba transportation system in Brazil is answer to breaking congested traffic (Opinion) March 23, 2000 p10
Eliminating bus routes is cruel (Letter) December 28, 2006 p10A
Full speed ahead for train, tourism (editorial) November 7, 2002 p10A
Getting there isn't the point (commentary) July 25, 2002 p12A
If your worried about sprawl, check the local transportation plans (Opinion) August 3, 2000 p12
Interest in mass transit rises, but road-building continues (Opinion) July 20, 2000 p10
Making sense of the bus mess January 24, 2002 p11A
Niagara & Western New York Railroad Co offering scenic tours September 26, 2002 p1A/8A


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