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A newly released poll shows that folks in our region had more negative views on economic issues than the rest of the state July 20, 2006 p10A
Address the issues, make sure to vote (Letter) October 28, 2004 p11A
Citizen participation is vital to democracy (Letter) January 18, 2001 p15A
Don't just vote your party line (Letter) November 2, 2006 p13A
Don't let terrorist attacks take away election days, make a difference and vote (Editorial) November 1, 2001 p14A
Elections shape our future, know what you want before you reach the polls (Letter) June 3, 2004 p12A
Forget party line, vote with your heart February 23, 2006 p12A
Look out California, here they come (Funny Thing) August 21, 2003 p16A
Make voting handicap accessible (Letter) May 25, 2006 p12A
Many African Americans felt their votes were not counted in the 2000 election (Guest Essay) February 22, 2001 p13A


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