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"A search for spring amis fears of war" (Notebook) March 13, 2003 p13A
"The case of the strange disappearance" (Funny Thing) April 17, 2003 p16A
Brockport, Sweden, Clarkson got a taste of Hurricane Frances with flooding and thousands of dollars in damage September 16, 2004 p1A
Enough already-I'm staying home (Commentary) January 30, 2003 p13A
Hurricane Debby roars through Caribbean, but simmered down once it reached Florida (Opinion) September 7, 2000 p12
Ice storm plays havoc with running events (On the Run) April 10, 2003 p14A
It's cold dark and wonderful (Notebook) December 25, 2003 p12A
It's hard to lose an old oak friend (Letter) May 15, 2003 p13A
Lessons learned from the Great Ice Storm of 2003 (Dissent) April 24, 2003 p14A
Majority of spring sports been shut out due to extended winter weather (Murf's Turf) April 17, 2003 p13A


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