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Accreditation discussed December 13, 1978 p3
Accrediting group to visit Brockport for complete analysis of resources December 7, 1951 p1
Accrediting organizations due Sunday to evaluate B.S.T.C. February 29, 1952 p1
Believe it or not-we're accredited January 30, 1975 p4
Business department gets accreditation December 4, 2002 p1/4
Business department seeks accreditation for assurance of quality April 3, 2002 p1/3
Campus prepares for 10 year re-accreditation by Middle States group. March 3, 1991 p3
Decisions of accrediting committees will be announced in near future March 7, 1952 p1
Evaluation team to appraise SUCB for continued accreditation February 23, 1962 p1
Faculty committees submit reports to accrediting groups February 21, 1952 p1


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