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African refugees' struggles, triumphs October 30, 2002 p24
Author (Martin Bernal) credits Africa as base of civilization. November 3, 1993 p4
Dr. Griswold discusses Africa, shows slides March 10, 1961 p1
Press attaché, former senator, Methodist minister to address annual leadership institute November 1, 1963 p1
Rash of travel memoirs brings "An adventure in darkest Africa March 13, 1953 p4
Revolution in Africa comes to Brockport March 13, 1973 p7
Student (Damian Albert) enjoys exploring Africa February 7, 2007 p19
Teaching positions open on continent of Africa February 15, 1963 p3
They're rioting in Africa, part II February 11, 1960 p4
They're rioting in Africa, part III February 19, 1960 p3


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