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Board debates name change, funding March 10, 2004 p6
Board demotes club to Class I, shuffles funds around March 31, 2004 p7
Brockport Students Against War hold teach-in to promote peace February 20, 2002 p5
Brockport students meet to voice protests about America's war February 13, 2002 p5
BSAW accused of hysteria, ignorance (letter) February 27, 2002 p13
BSAW announces first event discusses reasons for war February 20, 2002 p10
BSAW broadens scope of antiwar protest (Viewpoint) October 1, 2003 p15
BSAW challenges students to take action April 3, 2002 p10
BSAW fliers said to be misleading (letter) April 17, 2002 p11
BSAW ventures to D.C. protest May 1, 2002 p10


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