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Brockport and Oswego launch program of formal debates December 5, 1940 p1
D. & L. Society attends panel at Geneseo December 15, 1936 p2
Debate activities extend influence January 19, 1939 p1
Debate club hears U. of R. student May 11, 1939 p1
Debate club host at state meeting on October 9th September 30, 1937 p3
Debate club plans C.C.C. panels February 24, 1938 p1
Debate club plans Chesbrough panel October 28, 1937 p3
Debate club will participate in county plan June 9, 1938 p4
Debate organization schedules programs February 10, 1938 p4
Debate society C.C.C panel series starts tonight March 10, 1938 p1


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