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A quick note just in case I forgot anyone September 25, 1991 p12
Abortion protestors prove they can bully pregnant women October 9, 1991 p12
After a month like October I barely have any spirit left October 30, 1991 p10
Danny's (Wegmans) monument reeks of capitalism April 4, 1990 p10
Either it luck or I'm an Aztec February 12, 1992 p11
Fall may bring all kinds of changes but the series will always be there. September 19, 1990 p8
Keep up or the world may leave you behind September 11, 1991 p9
Now its time to say goodbye to all our company February 26, 1992 p11
Now that Doogie has broke the barrier who's next? October 2, 1991 p9
Only the government could hold a race like this November 13, 1991 p11


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