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Brockport's anti-gun stance 'creating victims of those it wants to protect' (letter) September 24, 2003 p15
Concealed weapons, higher education November 14, 2007 p12
Consensus reached: Guns don't belong on campus (letter) October 22, 2003 p17
Defending Paul Rusin (letter) October 29, 2003 p17
Facts, figures regarding guns on campus (letter) November 5, 2003 p14
Gun posession illegal on campus (letter) November 19, 2003 p12
Guns have no place on campus (letter) October 1, 2003 p15
Guns have place on campus (letter) October 8, 2003 p11
Guns on campus September 24, 1980 p4
Our duty to be armed at all times (viewpoints) November 19, 2003 p13


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