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"Boy friend" laughs at an era past November 5, 1965 p2
"Boy friend" makes comically joyous hit December 3, 1965 p3
"Boy friend" opens after long, long preparation November 12, 1965 p1
"Boy friend" revives the 20's this weekend November 19, 1965 p1
"Godot" takes Corning awards March 29, 1968 p3
"Krapp's last tape", "The Chairs" Harlequin's spring production March 16, 1962 p1/4
"Krapps last tape", the Chairs, provide an excellent night's entertainment April 13, 1962 p1
"Leave it to Jane" an enduring favorite on SUCB stage as annual spring play April 24, 1964 p1
"Miracle worker" coming October 16, 1964 p3
"New, fresh" version of Joan describes current presentation November 15, 1963 p1


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