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"Israel and the emerging nations" topic for IRC discussion March 13, 1964 p1
Israel stirs up trouble March 28, 2007 p14
Israeli attacks create new tensions in mid-east peace process March 10, 2004 p9
Israeli sojourn December 11, 1979 p3
PLO, Jewish peace movement representatives debate Israel's concern for west bank freedom April 19, 1989 p5
Prof lobbies Washington over Israeli "injustices" March 9, 1988 p2
SUNY and Hillel set credit courses in Israel December 7, 1971 p24
SUNY to offer special summer course on Israel October 27, 1982 p3
Syria asks for international support against Israeli attack October 8, 2003 p1
The near east and Israel March 9, 1972 p6


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