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BSG member's opinions clash over scheduled Rev. Jackson appearance. March 8, 1991 p4
College students flocking to Jackson campaign April 20, 1988 p2
Freedom of press questioned in Viewpoint November 16, 1983 p1
Guess who's not coming to dinner Jesse? (column-K. Schlosser). February 27, 1991 p9
Hart's success overshadowed Jackson's political blunders March 21, 1984 p7
Jackson speech kills doubt over worth (editorial). April 3, 1991 p7
Jackson: Reinvest in America. April 3, 1991 p1
Rev. Jackson wrong choice as first black presidential candidate November 9, 1983 p10
Student breaks ice over Jackson's invitation (column-V. Molefe). March 8, 1991 p10


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