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AAS chair appt. September 24, 1980 p1
Forum asks questions about reparations March 3, 2004 p6
Kappa tribute to Malcolm X...Professor Okoye makes keynote speech. March 8, 1991 p4
Lack of diversity still a problem at SUNY Brockport April 14, 2004 p4
Meet Nwabueze Okoye: he's done all he wants to November 2, 1988 p16
Meet Nwabueze Okoye: He's Done All He Wants To November 2, 1988 p16
Nigerian heads Afro dept. February 18, 1970 p2
Okoye is right in case of light skin (letter to the editor). April 24, 1991 p8
Okoye takes pride in heritage... October 6, 1996 p16
Okoye's albinism theory disputed (letter to the editor). April 17, 1991 p8


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