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"Stage Door" director has wide experience February 25, 1943 p4
23 Brockport travelers pay visits to many historical old european sites September 16, 1953 p2
Bible offered as elective; Dr. Steel instructor of course March 3, 1950 p1
College instructors appear on WHAM-TV December 2, 1955 p1
Do we really hate war? February 21, 1952 p2
Dr. Auleta edits educational journal Steel contributes March 17, 1950 p1
Dr. Eric Steel (brief bio) August 9, 1944 p2
Dr. Eric Steel adds film to tour program January 14, 1955 p1
Dr. Eric Steel corrects European tour article April 13, 1962 p1
Dr. Steel and French club provide entertainment, slides plug grand tour as college goes European Thursday night March 6, 1959 p1


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