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Date of Publication Date (Descending) Date (Ascending) Page
Affirmative action or reverse discrimination October 19, 1977 p5
An opinion of the Bakke case February 15, 1978 p12
Bush may be more diverse in next nominee September 28, 2005 p3
Bush names Harriet Miers as next Supreme Court justice October 5, 2005 p5
National student convention in Washington April 26, 1978 p4-5
O'Connor delays retirement for now September 21, 2005 p7
O'Connor's appointment ironic October 7, 1981 p2
President nominates two conservatives to high court November 2, 1971 p2
Schools start to adjust to Bakke case February 23, 1979 p7
Supreme Court lets Pennsylvania "re-appropriation" law stand March 27, 1979 p9


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