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Al-Quaida ands other terror cells receive sentencing for London subway attacks May 2, 2007 p5
Brockport offers class dealing with Sept. 11 February 20, 2002 P17
Brockport Students Against War hold teach-in to promote peace February 20, 2002 p5
Budding 'home grown terrorist cell' goes to trial September 19, 2007 p4
Bush administration defends USA Patriot Act February 4, 2004 p10
Enemy lines not so clear (letter) March 13, 2002 p11
Faculty Forum discusses attack (editorial) September 26, 2001 p7
Few attempting to defend Lackawanna six suspects (viewpoints) November 5, 2003 p14
Hiding in plain sight March 2, 2005 p16
Ironing mail may kill anthrax-like spores February 22, 2006 p8


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