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A local U.N. April 25, 1974 p2
Delegates attend U.N. sessions May 21, 1948 p2
Dr. Henry Bretton says U.N. is ineffective November 17, 1982 p12
Forensics debate held; members taking U.N. trip May 7, 1948 p1
Grace Bok Holmes is U.N. speaker October 23, 1953 p1
Lee and Edwards attend United Nations' councils February 20, 1948 p1
Linowitz relates truth to students October 19, 1956 p1
Masiello to study U.N. in action, Sat. October 18, 1957 p1
Mrs. Roosevelt speaks on U.N. for U. of R. October 22, 1954 p4
Peloso answer Stylus writer's views on red China's recognition in UN December 9, 1960 p5


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