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Applicants for extension of Washington Semester sought April 22, 1970 p4
Brockport students study amidst D.C. politics, or bean soup: a lesson in appreciation February 18, 1970 p9
Brockport Washington D.C. exchange students meet January 31, 1969 p1
Cobb continues as Washington semester journalist March 18, 1970 p4
Semester in Washington December 9, 1966 p1
Washington semester experiencing renewed interest for next year February 6, 1985 p6
Washington Semester nearing approval May 3, 1968 p1
Washington semester program October 22, 1969 p14
Washington Semester: invaluable opportunity September 28, 1971 p19
Washington-Brockport exchange students December 13, 1968 p3


Raye Conrad, disc jockey!