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Advanced Course

Advanced Course


An Overview

The Advanced Course consists of Military Science courses taken in your junior (MSC 301 and MSC 302) and senior (MSC 401 and MSC 402) years and one approved military history course offered by the college. Besides these required courses, Cadets are also required to participate in physical fitness training (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), attend a two hour Leadership Lab period Tuesday between 3 and 5pm, take monthly Army Physical Fitness Tests and height/weight tests and attend the Leadership Development Assessment Course "Warrior Forge" during the summer between their junior and senior years of college. For more information on LDAC or Operation: Warrior Forge please visit:

The Official LDAC Website

The LDAC Facebook

The LDAC Flickr Site

To enroll in the Advance Course Cadets must have completed one of the following:

1. Basic Course

2. Attendance at the Leaders Training Course

3. Prior service and have completed Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training, either while on Active Duty or as a member of the Reserves or National Guard.

4. Be academically considered a Junior and able to graduate in four semesters.

Cadet participation in the Advance Course does incur a military obligation. Military obligation depends on the Cadet's status: either scholarship or non-scholarship.

Cadets who have been awarded an Army ROTC scholarship have a military obligation of four years on Active Duty and 4 years in the Reserve Component.

Cadets who have not been awarded an Army ROTC scholarship have a three year on Active Duty obligation and five years in the Reserve Component.

If the Cadet chooses to enter the Reserve Component or National Guard, upon Commissioning his or her obligation is eight years in the Reserve Component.

Last Updated 1/10/13