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Basic Course

Basic Course


An Overview

The Basic Course consists of Military Science courses taken in your freshman (MSC 101 and MSC 102) and sophomore (MSC 201 and MSC 202) years. In some circumstances students are allowed to take Freshman and Sophomore classes at the same time (called compressing). If a student has not taken these courses or, due to academic class scheduling, is not afforded the opportunity to take these courses, then an interested student can attendĀ CIET during the summer. This option replaces the the Basic Course classes and allows a student interested in receiving their commission to contract with the ROTC Department in the beginning of their junior year of college. Besides meeting twice a week for one hour of classroom instruction, Cadets also attend a two hour lab from 3-5pm on Thursdays to receive hands-on training once a week.

Cadet participation in the Basic Course does not incur any military obligation. Students are encouraged to enroll in the Basic Course and see if a career as an Army Officer is something they are interested in pursuing.

Last Updated 1/7/15