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Cadet Training


Twice a week, ROTC Cadets will receive one to two hours of classroom instruction on leadership, tactics, communications, public speaking, land navigation and other related officer development topics. Besides the classroom instruction, Cadets will participate in three hours of physical fitness training (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and will participate in a two hour lab on Thursday afternoons consisting of hands-on training to develop critical individual soldier skills.

Cadets are given instruction on the following individual skills; first aid, basic rifle marksmanship, military weapons familiarization, weapons safety procedures, land navigation/orienteering, combat water survival, drill and ceremony and infantry tactics. For an overview of the training Cadets receive on campus, click the On-campus Training link below

Army ROTC will also give you a wealth of opportunities to receive Army training from all around the world. Our Cadets regularly travel the world to receive the same training as regular Army officers.


On-campus Training

Off-campus Training

Last Updated 1/14/15