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Brockport / Military Science / Training / NSPT

Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP)


The Nurse Summer Training Program is a special form of CTLT just for ROTC Nursing cadets. Held in Army Hospitals around the world, NSTP gives the cadet nurse actual clinical experience in a real military medical setting.

ROTC Nursing cadets schedule NSTP for the summer of their junior year, following initial on-campus clinical training and in conjunction with ROTC Advanced Camp. Those requesting "special assignment" to hospitals such as Trippler Army Medical Center, in Hawaii, must be the best of the best in Nursing and submit an additional competition packet.

While attending NSTP, nursing cadets are assigned a "preceptor" - an active duty Army Nurse who was also once an ROTC nursing cadet. The preceptor guides the cadet through the NSTP experience and evaluates their performance in the program. The cadet works side-by-side with their preceptor, pulling the same day or night duty shifts.

The NSTP really rounds out a nursing cadets ROTC experience and greatly enhances their nursing skills. Most cadets who participate agree that the practical experiences they receive in four weeks of NSTP are equal to or superior than a whole year of on-campus clinicals.

Last Updated 2/3/11