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Airborne School



Three new paratroopers float to the ground on their way to earning their coveted Airborne wings!

US Army Airborne School is a three-week course conducted at Fort Benning, GA and is one of the most exciting of all the summer training courses offered to ROTC cadets. Our battalion typically receives from 1-2 slots to Airborne School each summer. These slots are open to both male and female cadets meeting the minimum requirements listed below.

Minimum Entry Requirements
Complete the MS II year of ROTC. Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.  Receive an approved Army/Airborne Physical within 18 months of attendance Instructor Nomination

Since attendance at Airborne School is both mentally and physically challenging, the Professor of Military Science will assess each applicant, with special emphasis on overall physical fitness and the maturity level to attend and complete the course.

For more information go to the Airborne Home Page

Last Updated 1/7/15