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Department of Art


Torell Arnold in the studio

Learning from the Best in the Business

Torrell Arnold, '13, is currently majoring Studio Art (with a concentration in Drawing) and recently was awarded a full scholarship to attend the 2012 Summer Art School at The Chautauqua Institution located in the southwestern part of NY. It was an opportunity to learn from some of the best artists in the field. Learn more about his Chautauqua experience.

About the Department

It’s an exciting time in the Department of Art and we’d like to give you an update on our past events.  In the last seven years we have hired seven new faculty members: Sara DiDonato, Kitty Hubbard, Tim Massey, Dr. Alisia Chase, Jim Morris, Chris Carson and most recently Ingrid Hess in fall 2011. The faculty in the Art Department is made up of quality educators dedicated to teaching and committed to creating a stimulating, experiential learning environment. Additionally, they pride themselves on being committed, practicing artists and scholars in their respective disciplines, exhibiting and presenting in regional, national and international venues.

From 2008 until 2010 our facilities have undergone a significant renovation and we have added 3000 sq. ft. of new classroom and studio space which includes: a new darkroom, lighting studio, Photography classroom and critique space, a new Art collections room and a MacIntosh Computer lab and classroom space. Our Computer Lab is equipped with 20 iMacs, 5 flatbed scanners, three Epson color printers and two laser printers. Additionally, we added Graphic Design to our curriculum as a concentration within the Studio Art degree program.

Our current students are energetic and participate actively in exhibiting work around the area in venues such as the RoCo Gallery, High Falls Center, The Genesee Center for the Arts, the U of R Harnett Gallery and the Burchfield-Penney Art Center in Buffalo. They are out in the Rochester community working at internships with a variety of places: Dock 2 Letterpress, CGI Agency, Pistachio Press, the Visual Studies Workshop and more.

Watch our students in action during Scholars Day 2011