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Torrell Arnold is currently a BFA major in Studio Art concentrating in Drawing and will be graduating in spring of 2013. Recently, he was awarded a full scholarship to attend the 2012 Summer Art School, which is on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution located in the southwestern part of NY. While there, Torrell was able to study with some of the best teachers and artists in the country; he also had free admission to all of the lectures and music and theater presentations at Chautauqua. The Chautauqua Institution is a world-class venue for social and political dialogue.

“Chautauqua was full of opportunities, I met so many great artist that were my peers and also great professors that were all practicing artist. The amount of time I had to dedicate to my personal work is unparalleled. In this supportive atmosphere I learned a lot of new techniques as well as more ways to talk about work with a diverse contemporary mindset. I can see the progression in my work and am eager and excited to see where I go with all I have learned in my final year in the BFA program at Brockport.”
-Torrell Arnold