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Alumni Comments

Julie A. Vandenbergh, 2003

I completed my bachelor's degree in Biology from SUNY Brockport in 2003. The level of education I received was outstanding! My appreciation really came into full bloom when I took my final two courses to graduate at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. To my surprise, the courses were poorly organized, feedback was untimely, and homeworks were written by teaching assistants who were unclear and consistently included material never addressed in class. In contrast, my biology professors at Brockport were always well-prepared, clear, knowledgeable, and available for support. They offered a challenging environment in which to learn and grow, and I am grateful for that.

Stacy Morrill, 2002

"I came here as a transfer student entering my sophomore year. My college experience had been disheartening and I was even considering changing to a non-science major. The classes and professors in the biology department here at SUNY Brockport refreshed my enjoyment in science. I was able to take courses that catered to my interest in the life sciences. I formed friendly and helpful relationships not only with other biology students but with my professors as well. Their input and encouragement cemented my decision to continue my biology education in a graduate program. I am confident that the knowledge I have acquired at SUNY Brockport has prepared me to succeed not only in my graduate education but also in my future career."

Jeffrey S. Stork, 2001, Dental Student, University at Buffalo School of Dentistry

I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you gave me in getting into Dental School. The assistance you provided in proofreading my application essay and answering questions I had prior to taking my entrance exam are truly appreciated. Whenever I needed to ask you anything about histology or advice on getting into dental school, you always made the time available to talk. Without your kind support and guidance I don't know if I would have made it into dental school at all.

Jamie Rodbourn, 2000

Hello, my name is Jamie Rodbourn and I graduated from SUNY Brockport with a B.S. in Biology. I am currently working for a small biotech company outside of Washington D.C. as a manufacturing associate on their process development and manufacturing team of biological products, mainly array technologies. Working on the development and manufacturing is very rewarding but at times can be very challenging. While studying at Brockport I gained the necessary skills for me to compete in the increasingly demanding biological job market. Essential skills such as basic laboratory knowledge allowed me to be fluent with both the equipment as well as the chemicals involved in a majority of biological processes. At Brockport I learned how to prioritize my workload based on the order of its importance and urgency. The 'independent study project' gave me the opportunity to hone the skills and knowledge needed in order to become a thorough uncompromised researcher. All of these skills I can attribute to my education and research experiences at Brockport and consequently these allow me to succeed in today's biotechnology job market.

Kim Murray, 2001, medical student, University of Rochester Medical School, NY

I love medical school! For your information (and satisfaction maybe) I feel very well prepared for everything so far and I am probably more prepared than many of my classmates.

Dr. Barbara Way 1989, Principal Scientist, Instrumentation Laboratory, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo

"Obtaining a masters' at SUNY Brockport certainly launched my career as a scientist. I had observed that high expectations and advanced degrees go hand in hand, and SUNY Brockport gave me the opportunity to return to return to school after an almost 15 year interruption to in my education. My Department of Biology advisor encouraged my interests in basic research, arranging for me to incorporate a research experience at the University of Rochester's Regional Cancer Center in my graduate program. I later pursued doctoral studies at the U of R, after which it was off to Washington University in St. Louis for post-doctoral training in clinical chemistry. My work as a principal scientist in technical support to manufacturing is not just a job but an enjoyable and rewarding career. To have developed the level of scientific skills which I am now prepared to offer to an employer would have been impossible with the help and encouragement of the faculty at SUNY Brockport."

Joan Zummo, MS, 1985, Associate Professor of Biology, Genesee Community College

When I first attended SUNY Brockport about twenty years ago, I already had a B.A. in Biology and had worked as a research technician and as a clinical technician. However, I had been out of the workforce for about 10 years, staying home to raise four children. A part time job in research motivated me to return to school to update and expand my biology background. After a few courses, I matriculated as a graduate biology student. I took most of the graduate level courses offered in Biology as well as math and chemistry classes. In addition to course work, I had the opportunity to do research in Endocrinology in Dr. Stephen Chan's laboratory. This combination of courses, research, and the inspiration provided by outstanding teachers, and the chance to work as a teaching assistant turned my life in a new direction. I did not return to research, but entered the profession that I have practiced and loved for seventeen years teaching. The Biology Department at SUNY Brockport prepared me to teach courses on subjects that range from microbes (Microbiology) to muscles (Anatomy and Physiology) and opened the door to a life that is immensely satisfying and rewarding.