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Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The Department of Biological Sciences offers a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships. The current stipend for teaching assistants is $6,000 per nine-month academic year, plus two semesters of tuition remission for nine credits each semester.

Teaching assistants generally serve as instructors in laboratories sections associated with courses offered by the Department of Biological Sciences. Responsibilities usually involve teaching three laboratory sections per week; duties may also include grading and laboratory preparation. Classes served by teaching assistants include BIO 111 Principles of Biology; BIO 201 Biology I, BIO 202 Biology II, BIO 221 Survey of Anatomy and Physiology; and BIO 323 Microbiology. In addition, graduate teaching assistants are expected to maintain a full-time schedule of classes and research activity.

Teaching assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis; the application procedure and selection criteria are outlined below. Please note that it is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the Graduate Coordinator with a statement of interest.

Procedure for Applying for a Teaching Assistantship - Appointments Beginning During the Fall Semester

  1. The Graduate Coordinator will request applications from currently matriculated students for teaching assistantships for the following academic year by March 1.

  2. Students applying for an assistantship should notify the graduate coordinator by no later than March 15. The notification must be in writing, and should include any information pertinent to the criteria for selecting teaching assistants.

  3. It is the responsibility of newly admitted students (i.e., those accepted to graduate study, but not yet matriculated) who are interested in being considered for a teaching assistantship to contact the Graduate Coordinator in writing. The letter should include any information pertinent to the criteria for selecting teaching assistants.

Procedure for Applying for a Teaching Assistantship - Appointments Beginning During the Spring Semester

Because most teaching assistantships are filled for the entire year, relatively few positions become available for the spring semester. In the event that an assistantship does become available for the spring semester, the following procedure will be used.

  1. The Graduate Coordinator will request that any interested matriculated students contact him/her in writing as soon as the need becomes known.

  2. The applicants will then be ranked by the committee that recommends students for teaching assistantships, as described below.

Selection Criteria for Teaching Assistantships

  1. Applicants for teaching assistantships will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

    1. Graduate grade point average (if applicable).

    2. Undergraduate grade point average.

    3. Experience or training relevant to departmental teaching needs.

    4. Prior teaching experience at SUNY Brockport. Returning teaching assistants will have first priority in awarding of assistantships, if they have received a satisfactory evaluation during their previous term(s) of teaching.

    5. Teaching experience other than at SUNY Brockport.

  2. The graduate coordinator will collect information on the applicants and present it to the committee responsible for selecting teaching assistants.

  3. The committee for selecting teaching assistantships will consist of the Graduate Admissions Committee members (i.e., the departmental curriculum committee), plus the graduate coordinator.

  4. The selection committee will rank the applicants, and submit the rankings to the chair of the Department of Biological Sciences. Students will be offered teaching assistantships in the order which they are ranked, based on the number of open positions for the following academic year. These rankings will be submitted to the department chair by April 1.

  5. In order to be eligible for a teaching assistantship, a graduate student must:

    1. Be matriculated in the Department of Biological Sciences at the time the appointment begins.

    2. Be registered for at least one credit during each term of his/her appointment. Students registered for less than the full-time number of credits (nine) must have their graduate advisor certify that they are engaged in full-time thesis research.

    3. Have submitted a TAP application, or an affidavit attesting to their ineligibility.

  6. A graduate student will not hold a teaching assistantship for more than a total of two years. Exceptions to this rule will be made only when it is necessary to meet departmental teaching needs. Any exceptions must be approved by a vote of the graduate admissions committee, and by the department Chair.

If you have any questions regarding teaching assistantships, please feel free to contact the Graduate Coordinator at or (585) 395-2193.


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