Overall Description of Graduate Programs

The Master of Science in Biological Sciences provides students with a solid and comprehensive background in the field of biological sciences, including molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, genetics, microbiology, human biology and developmental biology. Upon completion of the program students are prepared to enter a PhD program, medical or dental schools; work in academic, industrial or government research laboratories; or teach biologically related courses at the community college level or at the K-12 grade level.

At SUNY Brockport, a Master of Science in Biological Sciences may be obtained under one of four plans: Plan I, Plan II, Professional Science Masters and an accelerated Masters program (3+2). The program's small classes and close working relationship with the advisor and advisory committee, are ideal for students seeking a rigorous graduate education in a small-college atmosphere. A limited number of graduate teaching and research assistantships are available.

(1) Plan I

A traditional thesis-based Master's program incorporating original experimental research, which is designed for students interested in pursuing basic research or teaching in their careers. This program is ideal for individuals considering furthering their training in a PhD program or gaining employment in government or private laboratories. Plan I provides students with strong laboratory research and critical thinking skills as well as knowledge in molecular and cellular biology. Click on the image on the right to learn more.

(2) Plan II

A non thesis-based program that is designed for, but not restricted to, teachers, medical technologists, lab technicians and other fully employed persons. This plan permits a more flexible course of study and is ideal for individuals seeking to advance their careers by furthering their training in molecular and cell biology. Plan II requires an independent research project but permits either a laboratory-based or a literature-based research experience. Click on the image on the right to learn more.

(3) Professional Science Master (PSM)

An interdisciplinary, non-thesis master's program designed for students interested in working in the biotechnology industry - in particular in positions that interface between research and management. The PSM is also an ideal program for individuals currently working in the biotech, and the biomedical industries who are seeking to advance their careers. This unique program provides students with laboratory skills as well as knowledge in marketing and management. Click on the PSM icon on the right to learn more.

(4) Combined B.S. and M.S. Biology (3+2)

This major program is designed to provide excellent preparation for students interested in pursuing postgraduate studies (M.S. or Ph.D.) in biomedical science, or careers in health, secondary education, or fields that require an understanding and practice of scientific understanding and methods. The department provides the following three concentration areas to help students prepare for their respective career tracks: pre-health (medicine, dentistry, veterinary science), biotechnology and secondary education certification. Click on the above "B.S. Medical Technology" link to learn more.


Requirements: The applicant should have completed a baccalaureate degree, including 18 credits of biology at an accredited institution (see Graduate Admission website for more details). The student should have a background in the natural and physical sciences appropriate to his or her research interests. Click on the individual program links (Plan I, Plan II, PSM) to learn more about the requirements that are specific to each program.

Admission Process: (1) First, go to the individual program website to learn more about the application procedure that is specific to the program. (2) Second, go to the college application webpage to complete the on-line application form.

Graduate Studies Pictures

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