Overall Description of the PSM Program

Structure: The PSM program is an interdisciplinary program designed for students interested in working in the biotech industry, at the interface between research scientists and the management. The courses are constructed to provide students with knowledge and skills in bench research as well as marketing and management. What sets the PSM program apart from the Plan I and Plan II programs is the inclusion of courses (Plus Courses) in management and business, and an internship in business, government or non-profit organization. Students complete 3 semesters of study at Brockport and one semester of internship. Click here for a program fact sheet.

Credits: Requirement for successfully completing the PSM program include completion of a total of 34 to 39 credits as follows. (1) No less than 15 credits of biological sciences courses at the 600 level or above (may include a maximum of 6 credits of independent study, BIO 699). (2) At least 1 credit of graduate seminar. (3) 6 credits of BIO 702 (internship). (4) 9 credits of Plus Courses (see below).

Plus Courses and Internships

Plus Courses: (1) PSI 601 - Management and Communication for Math and Science Professionals, 3 credits. (2) PSI 602 - Accounting and Finance for Math and Science Professionals. (3) PSI 603 - Applied Quantitative Analysis for Math and Science Professionals.

Internships: The program internship is taken in the second year of study, after the student has completed all Plus Courses. During the internships at local biomedical and biotech companies, students receive hands-on experience in industrial processes such as drug discovery, product testing, and project design and implementation.

Career Opportunities in Biotech and Biomedical Industries

A number of career opportunities are available for graduates of the PSM program, including research science positions in laboratories applying biotechnology to resolve problems in medicine, industry and agriculture; the regulation of drug approval and other biotech applications; and management positions in biomedical organizations.

Graduate Assistantships

The Biology Department offers a limited number of graduate teaching assistantships on a competitive basis. The assistantship consists of a stipend and two semesters of tuition remission. The duty of the teaching assistant involves serving as instructors in laboratory sections associated with courses offered by the department. In addition to their duty, graduate teaching assistants are expected to maintain a full-time schedule of classes and research activity. Visit the graduate assistantship webpage to learn more.


Requirements: Candidates for the PSM program must satisfy the following criteria: (1) An undergraduate minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. (2) Have taken the GRE General Test. (3) Provide a statement of objectives. (4) Provide a writing sample of at least 3 pages illustrating scientific writing skills. (5) Two letters of recommendatin. (6) * Have taken a course in Statistics. * The last requirement is a unique requirement for the PSM program. For complete details of the admission requirements click on this link: department catalog page.

Application Deadlines: Applications must be received by November 15 for Spring Semester matriculation and by July 15 for Fall Semsester matriculation. Please note: To be eligible for a teaching assistantship, the deadline is earlier.

Application Process: (1) First, go to the department catalog webpage to find out what materials (letters, transcripts etc.) you need to gather together. (2) Second, go to the college application webpage to complete the on-line application form.

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For Program Information

  • Stuart Tsubota, PhD
  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • The College at Brockport
  • 350 New Campus Drive
  • Brockport, NY 14420
  • Tel: (585) 395-5759
  • Email: stsubota@brockport.edu

For Admission Information

  • Office of Graduate Studies
  • The College of Brockport
  • 350 New Campus Drive
  • Brockport, NY 14420
  • Tel: (585) 395-5465
  • Email: gradadmit@brockport.edu
  • Web: www.brockport.edu/graduate