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Medical Technology Major

The major in medical technology within the Department of Biological Sciences enables a student to obtain a BS in Medical Technology from SUNY Brockport at the end of a four-year program. Students complete three academic years at Brockport and a fourth calendar year at a school of medical technology approved by the College. During the first three years, each student fulfills the General Education and major requirements. The fourth clinical year at a school of medical technology includes both theoretical and practical work in a medical laboratory. The BS is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of the requirements of both institutions. Upon completion of the internship, the student is eligible to take the ASCP Board of Registry Examination, which must be passed in order to be qualified as a Registered Medical Technologist. The program is offered in affiliation with Rochester General Hospital.

To enter this program, students declare a major in medical technology to assure proper advisement. A formal application to the School of Medical Technology is made by the middle of the fall semester of the junior year.

Please note: In addition to SUNY Brockport tuition and fees, students in their fourth year will be charged tuition and fees by the School of Medical Technology (Rochester General Hospital).

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