B.S. Medical Technology: Overall Program Description

Structure: The major in medical technology enables a student to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from SUNY Brockport at the end of a four-year program, including three academic years here and a fourth calendar year at a school of medical technology approved by the College. During the first three years each student fulfills the General Education requirements and the major requirements. The fourth year at a school of medical technology includes both theoretical and practical work in a medical lab. The BS is awarded upon the satisfactory completion of the requirements of both institutions. Upon completion of the internship, the student is eligible to take the National Registry Examination, which must be passed for the student to be certified as a Registered Medical Technologist. The program is currently offered in affiliation with Rochester General Hospital and Women’s Christian Association Hospital (Jamestown, NY).

Enrollment: To enter this program, students declare a major in medical technology in the freshman year, to assure proper advisement. Majors are declared with the department secretary, Room 103, Lennon Hall. A formal application to the School of Medical Technology is made by the –middle of the fall semester of the junior year. Based on the academic record for the freshman, sophomore years and mid-semester grades of the fall semester of the junior year as well as an interview, the decision is made as to which applicants will be formally admitted into the clinical year. This decision is competitive and made by the School of medical technology. Any students not accepted have the option to complete a major in biological sciences.

Credits: Students must earn a total of 90 credits (including general education requirements) from courses chosen from Table 1 during the first three years of the program at Brockport. In addition, 34 credits are required in the clinical year at an approved school of medical technology from the following courses: microbiology (immunology), clinical chemistry, hematology, blood bank, urinalysis/clinical microscopy, principles of disease, and toxicology.

Example: A typical four-year program that satisfies the above requirements and culminates in a B.S. in Medical Technology is shown on Table 2. Students majoring in biological sciences are required to obtain a minimum grade of “C” in BIO 201 and BIO 202 before they are allowed to take further courses in the major. Students may transfer the above courses from other accredited institutions to satisfy this requirement provided that the courses have been approved and that the students have earned a grade of “C” or higher in the courses transferred.

Career Opportunities

As the population of the U.S. ages, it has been estimated that by 2010, the health care industry, where the medical technologist works, will be the number-one service industry in the country. The need for trained personnel in medical technology is particlarly acute in New York, New England and the southwest. The most recent report of the American Socitety of Clinical Pathologists (2005) indicated that 43.9% of laboratories reported that they were currently experiencing difficulties in recruiting and hiring medical laboratory personnel. There are many career directions open to medical technologists in clinical laboratories, research and development, the pharmaceutical industry, forensic labs, environmental labs and teaching programs.

Table 1: Med Tech Requirements

A total of 37 credits chosen from below
Biology Course Requirements
BIO 201 Biology I
BIO 202 Biology II
BIO 301 Cell Biology
BIO 302 Genetics
BIO 321 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 322 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO 323 Microbiology
BIO 414 Immunology
Chemistry Course Requirements
CHM 205 College Chemistry I
CHM 206 College Chemistry II
CHM 305 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 313 Quantitative Chemical Analysis
Physics Course Requirements
Students must choose from one of the following sets of Introductory Physics courses
PHS 205 Introduction to Physics I with Lab
PHS 210 Introduction to Physics II with Lab
PHS 235 Physics I with Lab
PHS 240 Physics II with Lab
Mathematics and Management Course Requirements
MTH 243 Elementary Statistics
Recommended Business Course
BUS 365 Principles of Management

Table 2: A Typical 4-Year Program towards a B.S. in Medical Technology

A Typical 4-Year Program
Semester 1 - Year 1 Semester 2 - Year 1
BIO 201 General Biology I with Lab BIO 202 General Biology II with Lab
CHM 205 General Chemistry I with Lab CHM 206 General Chemistry II with Lab
MTH 112 College Mathematics   Knowledge area
ENL Basic Communication   Knowledge area
GEP 100 Academic Planning Seminar   Knowledge area
Semester 3 - Year 2
Semester 4 - Year 2
BIO 301 Cell Biology BIO 302 Genetics
BIO 321 Anatomy and Physiology I BIO 322 Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM 305 Organic Chemistry I CHM 313 Quantitative Chemical Analysis
  Knowledge area   Knowledge area
Semester 5 - Year 3
Semester 6 - Year 3
BIO 414 Immunology BIO 323 Microbiology
PHS 115 General Physics PHS 116  
  Contemporary Issues   General Education Electives
MTH 201, 221 or 243     General Education Electives
Semester 7 - Year 4
Semester 8 - Year 4
BIO Medical Technology I BIO 482 Medical Technology II

For Program Information

  • Coordinators, Med Tech Program
  • Craig Lending, Ph.D.
  • Associate Professor
  • Lennon Hall, Room 227
  • Email: clending@brockport.edu
  • Biology Department
  • Email: biodept@brockport.edu

For Admission Information

  • Office of Admission
  • The College of Brockport
  • 350 New Campus Drive
  • Brockport, NY 14420
  • Tel: (585) 395-2751
  • Email: admit@brockport.edu
  • Web: www.brockport.edu/admissions/