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Brockport/ Brockport Bound / Career Services

Career Services

Career Services offers a wide range of individual activities and services for students and alumni including career exploration and planning, student employment, internships, graduate school information, and assistance with finding a job. Stop by during our Drop-in hours on campus Monday-Friday for 15 minute résumé or career assistance. Visit for current drop-in hours, or call (585) 395-2159 to make an appointment

Career Advising

  • Individual attention with your career exploration and job search
  • A Career Resource Room with access to computer workstations with laser printers and extensive resources on careers, job search and employers
  • A wide range of career assessments including an on-line career guidance program
  • Appointments with a counselor to discuss your career options after graduation
  • Drop-in hours on campus Monday-Friday, noon – 2 pm, for 15 minute résumé or career assistance or call (585) 395-2159 to make an appointment
  • MetroCenter Career Services Satellite Center — See our website for hours and appointments.
  • Career assistance including résumé help is available at (response within 48 hours)


  • Brockport Career Exploration Course — one- to six-credit internship experience
  • Albany Semester Program
  • Walt Disney World College Program
  • New York State Assembly and New York State Senate internships
  • America Reads — tutoring experience in local schools

Call (585) 395-2392 for more information on internships.

Graduate and Professional School Search

  • Directories for graduate and doctoral programs
  • Practice entrance exams including GRE, LSAT, GMAT, LAST through Kaplan
  • Assistance with applications and personal statements

Job Search

  • JobShop –The College at Brockport ’s online jobs and internships database
  • Workshops on résumé and cover letter writing, job search, interviewing, networking
  • Individual assistance with résumé and cover letter writing as well as job search strategies
  • Company, industry, government and school district information
  • On-campus interviews
  • Job fairs on campus and in the Rochester area — fall and spring semesters

Student Employment

Our Student Employment Office helps more than 2,000 students a year find jobs on and off campus while they are enrolled. Several hundred internships, Work-Study jobs and other jobs are listed in JobShop, our Internet database. We encourage you to use part-time jobs, summer jobs and internships to explore your career interests. JobShop and Career Services will assist you with your job search upon graduation, too. Contact Student Employment at (585) 395-2468 for more information.

Why should I work?

  • The obvious reason is to earn money to help pay living expenses, and reduce student loans. Students get a paycheck every two weeks; they may use the money for whatever they choose.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, students who work perform well academically. In fact, working students at The College at Brockport have higher grades than their non-working classmates.
  • Retention — students, particularly freshmen, are more likely to stay in school if they work on campus.

Student work experience boosts adult careers, according to surveys of both employers and students.

How do I find a job?

  • All jobs are advertised on our Web page: JobShop. Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in and view jobs.
  • Choose jobs of interest and contact the employer. Remember that you will be competing with other students for a limited number of jobs. There is no central application form - you must contact each department. Most just set up an interview but some may ask for a resume or a department application form. Be patient if you do not hear right away; supervisors must consider many applicants with varying qualifications and schedules.
  • All students applying for jobs are categorized as Work-Study eligible or non-Work-Study eligible.
  • Work-Study: If you apply for financial aid and you check off that you are interested, you are automatically considered for a form of aid called Federal Work-Study. If eligible, a dollar amount will appear on your financial aid letter. Work-Study provides an opportunity to work and earn up to the amount of your “award.” Since we offer Work-Study to only a few hundred students and have a comparable number of jobs, Work-Study is desirable to use - finding a job is almost a sure thing.
  • Non-Work-Study: Sixty percent of the students we assist each year do not receive Work-Study. If you are in this category, visit JobShop and search for Non-Work-Study or off-campus jobs.

When should I look for a job?

  • We advertise jobs continuously. Most campus departments hire just before and early in the fall semester, but many begin advertising in the spring for fall openings. These supervisors will be interviewing and hiring as candidates apply. The best jobs fill first. Jobs are posted and filled year-round, so if you are not successful at first, be persistent. Check often and ask us for suggestions.

What else do I need to do?

  • All students hired on campus must visit Student Employment to complete required paperwork. Work-Study eligible students who have not done their paperwork to start a job or have asked that their Work-Study be held for later use will be assumed to be not interested and have the Work-Study award cancelled.
  • For on-campus jobs, we must check that all students hired are eligible to work. For most American-born students, this means showing a photo ID (driver’s license or college ID) and either a Social Security card or birth certificate.
  • Graduate students — All student employment options are open to graduate students. In addition, graduate students may qualify for teaching or research graduate assistantships. Information about these is available from your major department, and on JobShop.
  • International students have additional requirements and limitations.

Anything else?

  • Yes..., the starting wage for on-campus jobs is NY minimum wage. We operate evaluation and wage-step processes, so it is possible to earn more based on performance and longevity. Most jobs schedule 8-12 hours per week. Working more than 20 hours per week may hurt grades, so we normally restrict students employed on campus to less than 20 hours per week.
  • We encourage direct deposit of your paycheck. Direct Deposit Forms are available when you arrive on campus. Bring a copy of a voided or cancelled check from your checking account.

Jobs are also available with the Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation (dining services).

Last Updated 1/30/12