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Freshman students: Katie Buckley
Transfer students: Erin Rickman
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We know that there are a lot of deadlines to meet and information for you to review before you start classes at Brockport. We hope the Brockport Bound website will be a good resource for all the things you need to do before you get here. In the months leading up to the start of your first semester, you will receive information from on-campus offices, so keep an eye on your mailbox and Brockport email account.

STEP 1 - First things first.

It's important that you set up your College at Brockport email account as soon as possible. You will need to access your account for updates that are emailed regularly by College offices before you arrive on campus for your first semester.

To set up and access your Brockport email account: 

  1. Read information about your Accounts at Brockport.
  2. Log into Web Banner (Campus Information System) using your Banner ID (the nine digit number, beginning with 800, given to you by Undergraduate Admissions during your application process) 
    • Information to access your account is on the logon page.
    • You will be required to change your PIN on your first visit.
    • Click on “Personal Information” and then “SUNY Brockport NetID Information and Password Reset” click on your Google Apps Account
  3. Change your password on that page to activate your account.
  4. Sign into Google Apps: Click Here! (use your full email address)

Last Updated 6/29/15