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SUNY Management Resource Tool


SMRT is the SUNY tool for monitoring account activity. Through this system, account holders can view both revenue and expense transactions for their departmental accounts. SMRT also offers users the ability to run and download reports into Excel. For directions on how to access this system and use its features, please click the link below to our SMRT Training Manual.

SMRT Training Manual

Expense transactions in SMRT are separated into categories including Personal Service Regular (PSR), Temporary Service (TS) and Other Than Personal Service (OTPS). Where each expense posts depends on the Sub-Object code that is used at the time the payment is processed. For more details on what a Sub-Object code represents, please click the link below to the NYS Central Accounting System and SUNY Accounting System Transactional Objects Listing.

Transactional Objects Listing

If you need access to the SMRT System or would like to schedule an in-person training, please contact Crystal Hallenbeck at 395-2393 or via email at


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