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Departmental Account Information

Ever wonder which account(s) your department is responsible for? Click the links below to check out our most up-to-date account listing for the campus.

Campus Account Listing - Account Number Order

Campus Account Listing - Alphabetical Order

It is essential that you review your departmental accounts periodically. The listing above should be used to verify account signatories in order to prevent unauthorized account use. The account balances and transaction detail can be viewed using the SMRT application (see the SMRT link for access details). This information should be reviewed at a minimum, on a monthly basis to ensure no erroneous transactions or negative account balances.

To request a transfer of funds, please use the Journal Transfer Form below.

Interdepartmental Journal Transfer Form

For signatory or account updates or to request a new account, please use the forms below.

Authorized Signature Form

New Account / Change Account Request


For transaction corrections, please contact Mary Covell at 395-2516 or via email at


This page was last updated on November 25, 2015 by Judy Conway