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SUNY College at Brockport

Critic Teacher Waivers/Stipends Guidelines

  • The value of this waiver is $250.
    The value of this stipend is $200.

  • The waiver of tuition is valid at any state-operated unit of State University.

  • In the event the named teacher chooses not to use this certificate, the waiver of tuition portion may be transferred to the school district in which service as a supervising/critic teacher was rendered, for use by other professional staff members of this school district.

  • Selection of alternate employees shall be by the chief administrative officer of the establishment.

  • The waiver of tuition certificate does not exempt the holder from fees and/or charges other than the amount of tuition specified.

  • The receipt of a tuition waiver may be subject to federal, state or local income tax. If you have any questions with regards to the taxability, consult your personal tax advisor.

updated 5/1/07 jsc