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Mustafa Canbolat

Title: Assistant Professor

Studio Shot of Mustafa Canbolat 

Classes Taught

  • Management Skills
  • Production and Operations Management
  • Decision Analysis


  • PhD   2010           Management Science/Systems
                                 McMaster University, Hamilton, ON                       
  • MS     2005           Systems Science
                                 University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON
  • BS     1999           Industrial Engineering, 
                                 Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey

Awards and Distinctions:

  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs Grant, "Development of a Framework for Cost Benefit Analysis in Emergency Management",(Research Collaborator), $58,500 (2012-2014)
  • United University Professions Individual Development Grant (2010)
  • Robert C.Joyner Doctoral Student Publication Prize (2009)
  • McMaster Graduate and Research Scholarships (2005-2009)

Refereed Journal Publications

  • von Massow M., Canbolat M.,(2012), "A Strategic Decision Framework for a Value Added Supply Chain," International Journal of Production Research, (accepted)
  • Canbolat M., Wesolowsky G. O., (2012), "A Planar Single Facility Location and Border Crossing Problem," Computers & Operations Research, Vol. 39, No. 12, pp: 3156-3165
  • Canbolat M., Wesolowsky G. O., (2012), 'On the Use of the Varignon Frame for Single Facility Weber Problems in the Presence of Barriers', European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 217, No. 2, pp:241-247
  • Canbolat M., von Massow M., (2011) 'A Probabilistic Emergency Facility Location Problem with Risk Minimization', Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 38, pp:10099-10106
  • Canbolat M., Wesolowsky G.O., (2010), 'The Rectilinear Distance Weber Problem in the Presence of a Probabilistic Line Barrier', European Journal of Operational Research, Vol. 202, No. 1, pp: 114-121
  • von Massow M., Canbolat M., (2010) 'Fareplay: An Examination of Taxicab Drivers' Response to Dispatch policy', Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 37, No. 3, pp: 2451-2458
  • Canbolat M., von Massow M., (2009), 'Planar Maximal Covering with Ellipses', Computers and Industrial Engineering, Vol. 57, No. 1, pp:201-208
  • Cakir O., Canbolat M., (2008), 'A Web-based Decision Support System for Multi-criteria Inventory Classification Using Fuzzy AHP Methodology', Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 35, No. 3, pp:367-1378
  • Benyoucef M., Canbolat M., (2007) 'Fuzzy AHP based Supplier Selection in e-Procurement', International Journal of Services and Operations Management, Special Issue on Supply Chain and Customer Relationship Management in the Global Economy, Vol.3, No.2, pp:172-192

Contact Information:  
office phone: (585) 395-5536
office location: 113D Hartwell Hall


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