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Brockport / School of Business Administration and Economics / Faculty / stites-doe

Susan Stites-Doe

Title: Associate Dean

Portrait Shot of Susan Stites-Doe 

Classes Taught

  • Professional Skill Acumen
  • Organizational Behavior


  • PhD  1995  Organizational Behavior
                       State University of New York at Buffalo
  • MBA  1984  Marketing Management
                       Pace University, New York, New York
  • BS    1979  Marketing  
                       State University of New York at Plattsburg, Plattsburg, NY


  • Harvard Institute for Management and Leadership in Education (MLE)                           2004  
    Two-week program is designed to encourage college administrators to focus on personal 
    leadership development and on strategic choices available to their organizations, e.g., new   
    curricula, new modes of delivery, new alliances, and diversity.
  • Certificate in International Human Resource Management                                              2001    
    Awarded by University of Colorado CIBR center, following completion of a one-week course 
    attended in June 2001. The course was underwritten by a grant from the U.S. Department of 
    Education, Title VI, secured by the SUNY Brockport International Institute.
  • Certificate in International Business                                                                                 1996 
    Sponsored by the International Business Council, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.                        
  • Dale Carnegie Program, Basic Course                                                                           1996  
    Participated in program to provide enhanced skills in interpersonal training. Used in process of 
    development of Management Skills course and management area program enhancements for 
    Department of Business Administration, SUNY Brockport.                                         

Research Interests

  • Leadership and culture sharing; Organizational socialization
  • Compensation strategy and associated outcomes
  • Post-Decisional regret and job entry/career choice
  • Organizational and work unit effects of gender and age diversity
  • Work place discrimination
  • CEO Reputation

Awards and Distinctions:

  • Best empirical paper award, Eastern Academy of Management conference, 2011.
  • 2001 SUNY Chancellor's award for excellence in teaching.
  • Invited guest at American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) annual Textbook Author's Conference 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997. One-day conference on age-related issues, invitation only, in Washington, D.C. to highlight concerns of the over-50 work force
  • Nominated for Dorothy Harlow Award, Women in Management Division of Academy of Management, based on 1995 submission to Annual Meeting. 
  • Nominated to attend 1993 Academy of Management OB/OD/OMT Doctoral Consortium. 
  • Nominated for the 1994 Richard D. Irwin Doctoral Student Research Fellowship.  
  • Recipient of the 1992 Joseph Alutto Fellowship, University at Buffalo. Competitive award earned in support of research activities.  
  • Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, 1992.   
  • Research Assistant, 1990 to 1994: Elizabeth Goodrick, James R. Meindl

Journal Articles, Refereed Books and Chapters:

  • Stites-Doe, Susan, Patricia Maxwell, and Jennifer Little (2012). Electronic and Open Source Textbooks and Business Student Engagement: Results from a Pilot Study at a Public University, to appear in Increasing Learner Engagement Through Cutting-Edge Technologies in the Cutting-edge Technologies in Higher Education series (Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group, September 2012).
  • Baker, Susan D., Mathis, Christopher J., and Susan Stites-Doe (2011). An Exploratory Study Investigating Leader and Follower Characteristics at U.S. Healthcare Organizations. Journal of Managerial Issues, Volume XXIII Number 3.
  • Romal, Jane, Susan Stites-Doe (2006). Factors Affecting Small Accounting Firms' Newcomer Retention. The National Accounting Journal.
  • Comer, Debra, Susan Stites-Doe (2006). Antecedents and consequences of faculty women's balancing of their academic and parental roles. Journal of Family and Economic Issues.
  • Pillai, Rajnandini, Susan Stites-Doe, Glen Brodowsky (2004). Presidential scandal and leadership: A natural laboratory test of the resiliency of President Clinton's transformational leadership during the impeachment crisis. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.
  • Pillai, Rajnandini, Susan Stites-Doe (2003). Teaching Leadership: Innovative Approaches for the 21st Century, published by Information Age Publishing, Inc. (Greenwich, CT).
  • Stites-Doe, Susan (2003). On teaching gender and leadership. A chapter in Teaching Leadership: Innovative Approaches for the 21st Century, Information Age Publishing, Inc. (Greenwich, CT).
  • Waite, Melissa, Susan Stites-Doe, and James Cordeiro (2003). Attitudinal and Behavioral Consequences of Removing Performance Appraisal and Merit Pay. Current Topics in Management, volume 8. Editors: M. Afzalur Rahim, Robert T. Golembiewski, & Kenneth D. Mackenzie. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers.
  • Waite, Melissa, Susan Stites-Doe (2001). Removing performance appraisal and merit pay in the name of quality: An empirical study of employees' reactions, Journal of Quality Management.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, James J. Cordeiro (1999). An Empirical Assessment of the Determinants of Bank Branch Manager Compensation. Journal of Applied Business Research.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, (1998). The One-Two Punch of Quality Culture, Individual Employee, and Bottom Line Performance Benefits. Management in Practice.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, Melissa Waite, Rajnandini Pillai (1998). The Office Makes a Difference: An Exercise on the Politics of Space, Journal of Private Enterprise.
  • Cordeiro, James J., Susan Stites-Doe, Joseph Mason, and Chien Wang (1998). The Diffusion of ATMS in the U.S., 1973-1994: Implications for Bank Productivity. Journal of Engineering Valuation and Cost Analysis.
  • Cordeiro, James, Susan Stites-Doe (1997). The Impact of Women Managers on Firm Performance: Evidence from Large U.S. Firms. International Review of Women and Leadership.
  • Pillai, Rajnandini, Susan Stites-Doe, Dhruv Grewal, James Meindl (1997). Winning Charisma and Losing the Presidential Election. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan (1996). The New Story Behind Job Rotation, A Research Translation. Academy of Management Executive, April issue.
  • Miner, John B. and Susan Stites-Doe (1994). The Application of an Entrepreneurship Development Program to Economic Problems in the Buffalo, New York Area, chapter included in Human Dilemmas in Work Organizations, Strategies for Resolution, edited by   Abraham K. Korman, Guilford Publications, I.O. Psychology Professional Practice Series.


  • Baker, Susan D., Christopher Mathis, Susan Stites-Doe, and Golshan Javadian (2012). Do followers have what it takes? Role exchange behaviors needed for shifting from followership to leadership, published in the proceedings of the 49th annual meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Baker, Susan D., and Susan Stites-Doe (2010). Followership: Conceptual Foundations and a Research Agenda, published in the proceedings of the 47th annual meeting of the Eastern Academy of Management, Portland Maine.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, Ralph Trecartin (2010). A model for graduate program development: Study abroad programs at the college at Brockport, State University of New York. Published in Global Perspectives on Graduate International Collaborations, Proceedings of the 2009 Strategic Leaders Global Summit on Graduate Education, published by the Council of Graduate Schools, Washington, D.C.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, Stuart Tsubota, Steve Godleski, and Mihail Barbosu (2009). A chicken and egg dilemma... how a Masters-Focused college can build and retain the interest of an external PSM Board of Advisors and still pay the bills. Poster session published in proceedings of the Council of Graduate Schools Professional Science Master's Sixth Biennial   Meeting, Washington, D.C.
  • Comer, Debra, and Stites-Doe, Susan (2001). The Impact of the Timing of Motherhood on  Academic Women's Role Prioritization, published in the Proceedings of the 2001 Eastern Academy of Management meeting in New York, NY.
  • Waite, Melissa, Stites-Doe, Susan, and Cordeiro, James (2000). When performance management and  compensation are strategically aligned: Test of a justice model. Published in the proceedings of the Association on Employment Practices and Principles Annual national conference, held in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan (2000). Different Field, Same Game. Reflections of an Academic Soccer Mom. Proceedings of Eastern Academy of Management, 2000 meeting in Danvers, MA.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan (1999). "What do you want from me?" A group exercise on performance expectations. Proceedings of the 1999 Eastern Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.
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  • Stites-Doe, Susan and James R. Meindl (1993). Socialization and Post-Entry Regret: An extended view of Psychological Reactions to Organizational Entry and Membership. Full paper published in the Proceedings of the First Annual Organizational Studies Doctoral Student Conference.
  • Stites-Doe, Susan (1993). The Survey That Jack Built: A Lesson in Measuring Employee Attitudes (An Experiential Exercise). Proceedings of Eastern Academy of Management 30th Annual Meeting.

Other Publications:

  • Stites-Doe, Susan, Waite, Melissa, Pillai, Rajnandini (2013, forthcoming). First Union Case: Lessons on the Politics of Space, to be included in Richard Daft's Organizational Theory and Design, edition 11e: Cengage Learning. 
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, Waite, Melissa, Pillai, Rajnandini (2002). First Union Case: Lessons on the Politics of Space, included in Understanding & Managing Diversity, 2nd edition, Carol Harvey and M. June Allard (Eds.) Prentice Hall (New Jersey).            
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, Gary P. Briggs (2001). Making Meetings Better. The Consultant's Toolkit, Edited by Mel Silberman, New York: McGraw-Hill.            
  • Stites-Doe, Susan, and Gary P. Briggs (1999). Don't Waste My Time! The Art and Craft of Leading Problem-Solving Meetings. 1999 Team and Organizational Development Sourcebook, McGraw-Hill.            
  • Stites-Doe, Susan (1998). Brockport Foundry: An experiential exercise in survey administration. In Joseph Seltzer and Dorothy Marcic (Eds.) Organizational Behavior, Experiences and Cases, Fifth Edition.            
  • Stites-Doe, Susan and Melissa Waite (1995). Organizational Behavior, Instructor's Manual and Video Cases, 3rd Edition, to accompany Organizational Behavior, by Robert Vecchio. Fort Worth: Dryden Press.            
  • Stites-Doe, Susan and Rajnandini Pillai (1993). A Studymate to Accompany: Strategic Human Resource Management by W.P. Anthony, P. Perrewe, and K. Kacmar, Dryden Press.            
  • Stites-Doe, Susan (1991). Organizational Behavior, Instructor's Manual and Video Cases, 2nd Ed., to accompany Organizational Behavior, by Robert Vecchio, (1990). Chicago: Dryden Press.

Contact Information:
office phone: (585) 395-2906
office location: 117C Hartwell Hall


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