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Brockport / School of Business Administration and Economics / Faculty / Ziolkowski

Mike Ziolkowski

Title: Assistant Professor

Portrait Shot of Mike Ziolkowski 

Classes Taught

  • International Business
  • International Business Seminar
  • International Financial Management
  • Strategic Management


  • PhD      2004               Department of Geography
                                        University at Buffalo
  • MA        1997               Economic Geography
                                        University at Buffalo
  • Fellow   1995               SM Business School 
                                         Enschede, The Netherlands
  • BA         1991               Geography with a Specialization in International Trade and Investment
                                          University at Buffalo


  • Accepted: Ziolkowski, M. F. (2013). Local resident perceptions of border security dynamics: Are citizens safe or intimidated? International Journal of Risk and Contingency Management. Fall.
  • Submitted: Ziolkowski, M. F. Submitted: Hockey Tourism Along The Canada -- United States Border, International Journal of Sport Management. Results of a survey distributed at the 2011 World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo, New York. Results of a survey distributed at the 2011 World Junior Hockey Championships in Buffalo, New York.
  • Work in Progress: Zamparini, Luca., Michael F. Ziolkowski, Genserik Reniers. Hazmat Transport Safety and Alternative Transport Modes: Evolution of Air, Marine, and Rail Accidents in US
  • Ziolkowski, M. F. (2012)The Ties That Bind: Freight and Passenger High-Speed Rail Are Interdependent. Journal of Transport Geography.
  • Cook, Jack, M. Pamela Neeley and Michael F. Ziolkowski (2012). Managing Data and Information Quality in Outbound Transportation Systems: A Systematic Approach. International Journal of Business Intelligence Research. Special Issue: Information Quality for Business Intelligence. January – March. Vol. 3(1).
  • Ziolkowski, M. F. (2011) Municipal Telecommunications Master Planning to Achieve Competitive Advantage in a Global Economy. The Industrial Geographer, Volume 8(Issue 1), pp. 26-43.
  • Ziolkowski, M. F. (2007). Perceptions of border security along the Canada – US border, Grand Island, New York. Canada – US Trade Center. Occasional Paper Number 34.
  • MacPherson, Alan and Ziolkowski, M. F. (2005). The role of university-based industrial extension services in the business performance of small manufacturing firms: case-study evidence from Western New York. Entrepreneurship and Regional Development. November.

Book Chapter

  • Ziolkowski, M. F., with Blatt, Amy. (2012) Geography Careers in Corporate America in Practicing Geography: Careers for Enhancing Society and the Environment.   The Association of American Geographers (AAG). Partially funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). $2,000 Stipend.


Contact Information:
office phone: (585) 395-5535
office location: 109B Hartwell Hall

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