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Finding an Internship

"To get a good job after graduation, I need experience - but how do I get experience without having a job in the first place?" One common -- and wise – solution: is an internship. Easy enough, but how do you get one? Well, one or more of the following strategies is likely to work.

To register for an internship (ACC 498 or BUS 498) through the School of Business Administration and Economics, you must first get the internship pre-approved. For more information, consult the Center for Student Success in room 119 Hartwell.

Ways to Find an Internship

1. Center for Student Success and Career Services in Rakov

  • Work with the Center for Student Success in the School of Business Administration and Economics. There are many companies that we have worked with for several years that are anxious to get interns. To arrange an appointment, please visit 119 Hartwell Hall.
  • Career Services in Rakov also offers specific internship programs (i.e. Albany and WDW). Call 395-2392 for more information about these opportunities or visit
  • On-campus interviews by corporations. Be sure to watch for the E-News, distributed bi-weekly, for information regarding upcoming interview opportunities and résumé collections.

2. JobShop, Brockport's Online Database of Internships

  • Access the listings by visiting JobShop for more information. New, or first-time, users must register for the system by completing a short profile. Complete this form accurately since the information you list determines what correspondence you receive. For best results, do not limit your search.

3. Alumni Mentors – Career Connection

Contact alumni to learn about internships at their places of employment. Visit Career Connection for alumni profiles and contact information. All alumni have volunteered to be part of this resource and eagerly await your questions!

4. Create Your Own Internship.......With Help

  • Most internships, and jobs for that matter, are never listed! Once you know what type of internship you want, review business publications, trade journals and industry guides (consult the career libraries in Hartwell and Rakov).
  • Visit corporate sites directly since most organizations list internship opportunities on their own sites. If no internships are listed, call their Human Resources Department to inquire about the possibility of doing an internship.

5. Networking: Learning To Share Your Goals

  • People cannot help unless you share goals. Network with your fellow students. Find out what seniors did last year. Explore opportunities within student clubs you belong to. Take advantage of guest speakers and talk with the faculty advisor of the club to see if there are leads they can provide for student members. Several of the student clubs have affiliations with the Professional Chapter at the local level.
  • Talk to your professors. Many have consulting, research and other ties to various companies and organizations outside of academia. Your own family and acquaintances may also serve as referral points.

6. Helpful Web Resources

7. Directories & Print Resources

The Center for Student Success Library, Harwell 110, includes the following:

  • Peterson's Internship guide lists nearly 50,000 internships worldwide; Internship Bible; The Princeton Review
  • The main Career Services library in the Rakov Building has several more directories available for your use.

8. Career/Internship Fairs & On-Campus Recruiting

You will be notified of all applicable fairs by e-mail and the bulletin board outside of Hartwell, room 110.

Once you've developed a list of internships to apply for, you can work with a career counselor to ready yourself for the important tasks to follow. An internship gives you the experience you need to land the future job you want.

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