Mission & Goals


Career Services educates students and alumni in making informed career decisions and to prepare them to function successfully in today’s society.

  • Is committed to providing students and alumni with the tools and resources needed to achieve career self-reliance and work satisfaction in a diverse community and global economy; 
  • Has the success of its students as its highest priority and provides individual advisement, career exploration, employment and graduate school options to assist our students and alumni in pursuing their goals; and
  • Is committed to the College's recruitment and retention efforts by complementing the academic experience and by providing information on our students upon graduation.


The Office of Career Services provides assistance to students throughout and after their College career with all phases of career development including the exploration of majors and careers, internships, conducting job searches (resumes, cover letters, interviewing and networking), pursuit of graduate school and employment opportunities while being a student at The College at Brockport.

Career Services also partners with employers, parents and faculty/staff to encourage student success during college and after graduation. The office hosts career fairs, manages on-campus recruiting, and offers workshops throughout the year to benefit the student body.

2010-2011 GOALS

Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services

  • Revamp the Career Services website to make it more user-friendly and intuitive with the aim of increasing student traffic to web available career tools
  • Benchmark and Identify “Best Practice” Career Management Systems (technology to support the tracking of the use of our services by the students)
  • Actively engage in continuous strategic planning to mitigate the negative impact on students due to the reduction of staffing levels in Career Services


Co-Curricular Programming & Supportive Services

  • Continuously review and identify new content to be placed on web site to support student career self-reliance/self-service and to stay current with students needs.
  • Purchase, implement and develop the chosen “Best Practice” C3M Career Management System. Seek opportunities to partner with other EMSA/College departments that may benefit from such a system and educate these “partners” on the benefits of the C3M system.
  • Actively engage in continuous strategic planning to mitigate the negative impact on students due to the reduction of staffing levels. Engage in staff cross-training for all areas that need additional support due to staff reductions.