A female graduate in her cap and gown is smiling with her parents for a camera We can assist students with anything career related including:

  • Career and Major Advisement
  • Working on Campus
  • Internships
  • Conducting a Job Search, including:
    • résumés
    • cover letters
    • interviewing
    • networking
  • Graduate School

We provide a number of events, workshops, and online tools to assist your student in all phases of their career development. Please visit our home page for more detailed information on each of our offerings and upcoming events.

How Can I Help My Student?

Let Your Student Make Choices. You may be tempted to have your student major in a particular area because it is a "HOT" field. Reality is that there is no such thing as a major that guarantees a job. Your student must develop his/her own career directions based on interests, skills, and values. Encourage your student to pursue something that reflects who he/she is; then the success will come.

Encourage Exploration. Encourage your student to try different courses that may be of interest. Through this exploration, he/she may discover areas previously unknown.

Support Involvement in Co-Curricular Activities. Opportunities to demonstrate leadership ability, teamwork, time management, and other career-related skills will help your student prepare for the world of work. These "soft" skills are highly sought after by employers.

Be Patient and Encouraging. Don't ask the dreaded question: "What are you going to do when you graduate?" This question is a "biggie" and often causes panic if it cannot be answered. Instead, encourage your student to begin to research his/her options early. Be encouraging if they are getting frustrated.

Recommend Visits to Career Services. You probably won't know all the answers your student may have, but we can help. We can also help students make decisions about majors. Students are not required to use our services, but we are here to help with all of their career needs.

Four year Career Guide for Parents from the National Association of Collleges and Employers (NACE)

Frequently Asked Parent Questions

What if my student wants to major in Philosophy (or English, Psychology, Health Science, etc)?

We often hear, "You can't do anything with a bachelor's degree in (fill in the blank)." The truth is there are many opportunities open to students in every major. Some majors are linked directly to careers and some majors are not, but provide transferable skills and many career options. They are careers that require specific licensure or certification and those careers with companies and organizations that recruit from all majors. The possibilities are endless!

Students should major in what they enjoy; they will be better students and perform better in their classes. As a parent, encourage your student to prepare for the world of work by exploring different career areas, developing skills, and gaining related work experience. Career Services can help your student do all of these things. Visit the Majors & Careers section to learn more.

My student came to Brockport wanting to major in Biology (or Nursing, Business, Recreation & Leisure, etc). What if he/she is not sure?

Many students come to college expecting to study or major in a particular area. Many students also change their major at least once while they are here. That's okay (and very normal). Remember, they are being exposed to many options and choices during their education. They also many not have realized how difficult the classes were going to be. We encourage students to make choices based on research, information, and knowledge about themselves. We work with students to help them explore different options. Career Services offers assessments, career consultation, and library resources that can help students define their career direction. Our Discover section can help your student begin this major decision.

How does my student find a job on campus?

We list all on campus jobs, both work study and non work study in our online database, JobShop. If a student is awarded Work Study in their financial aid package, they will look for work study jobs. If work study is not a part of their financial aid package, they will search for non work study jobs. Your student will have access to JobShop using their email and password. They can then search for jobs on campus and apply to the ones of interest. Most will ask for an interview; some may request a résumé. Once your student is hired, they will need to provide proof they can legally work, which for most students means a birth certificate, social security card or US Passport, plus a photo ID (e.g. a driver's license or college ID). More information on jobs on campus, is available here: Working on Campus.

What is the placement rate for Brockport?

Brockport students have been successful in obtaining employment and entering graduate schools after graduation. However, it is important to that "placement" rates only identify a graduate's success in obtaining their first job. In this rapidly changing world of work, close to half of all graduates stay in their position less than a year. Within a few months after commencement, The College at Brockport surveys our graduates to determine their success in the job market and/or in graduate study. Here are the results of the Alumni Survey.

Career Services is here to help students and recent graduates with developing life-long career development skills for their future. We offer the same services to our alumni as we do to our students.