A Message to Parents from the Director of Career Services

Welcome Parents:

While at The College at Brockport, your son or daughter's future career direction will be formed through self-discovery, exploration, and a series of important decisions. Career Services is here to help throughout this process.

The heart of our mission is to prepare students to pursue successful and meaningful careers by:

  • Offering innovative career planning, job search and employment resources
  • Facilitating lifelong career management
  • Helping students develop professional skills for success
  • Serving as a central link among students, faculty, employers, and alumni

Parents play an important role in the career development of their college-age children. Students often look to parents for guidance and direction as they make career decisions. Offering encouragement for career exploration and suggestions as the student progresses through a career planning process is valuable and encouraged. Our goal is to help students by providing assistance with career decision making, graduate school exploration, and the job search. We assist with cover letters, resumes, interviewing and networking skills just to name a few. We are here to help students plan, discover, and succeed utilizing their interests and talents to identify goals and achieve career success.

As parents, you play an integral role in your student’s career development. The Parent’s section of the Career Services website is designed to provide you information about career planning at The College at Brockport and ideas of how you can support your son or daughter as they explore career choices.

Contact us! Please review the information we have provided for you and take some time to explore. If you have specific questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us at (585) 395-2159 or

Visit us! Next time you are on campus, stop by Career Services Center in the Rakov Building. We’d love the opportunity to meet you and show you the resources available to assist your son or daughter in achieving their career goals.


Jill Wesley
Director of Career Services
Jill Wesley

The Role of Parents

Get Involved The involvement of parents in students’ career development is vital! Career Services values parent influence on students to encourage them in their exploration of major, graduate school and occupational options and in their development of lifelong career-related skills such as assessing their interests, values and personality, resume writing, networking, job searching, interviewing and negotiating position offers.

In addition to encouragement, parents can provide valuable resources to their job- and internship-seeking students in the form of connections with working professionals. Such introductions often make the difference to job seekers in competitive markets.

Career Services values the career coaching model, which produces change and bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to be. It focuses on strengths, solutions and actions. Some empowering career coaching questions parents can ask students include:

  • Think of a time you are most energized. What are you doing?
  • If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?
  • What will happen if you do nothing?
  • What have you already started to put in place to get where you want to be?
  • What could you do in the next 24 hours relative to your goals?

Support Your Student's Career Development There are many ways in which parents can help their student's progress through the career decision-making process. Here are some ways you can support your student:

  • Encourage a visit to Career Services early in their college career to learn about available resources. We work with students from all class levels and majors and strongly recommend beginning a relationship with our office as early as possible.
  • Support your student's exploration of majors & careers Be patient as your student considers a variety of options, even though they may not be considering a career field that you want them to. Your student has to find a career field matching his/her interests, skills, values and talents in order to be challenged and satisfied in life and work.
  • Introduce your student to people in professional fields fields who can provide career information and advice. These networking contacts may open doors to internship and ultimately full time employment opportunities.
  • Assist your student in identifying strengths, achievements, and areas for development. The ability to effectively communicate knowledge, skills and abilities is important, but often, difficult for students to do.
  • Support and encourage involvement in leadership and student organization activities, both on and off campus. Employers place high value on leadership, teamwork and organizational skills, and campus involvement provides an opportunity to develop these skills.
  • Emphasize the importance of gaining career-related through externships, internships, volunteering, summer jobs, etc. This experience may help your student to confirm their career choice. Experience will also build confidence and help your student become more marketable to employers.
  • How Does Career Services Help Students? Career services staff encourage all students, from first-year to senior, to get involved with career development, a four-year process which complements students’ academic pursuits. In addition to numerous resources offered online and through our office, Career Services hosts a wide variety of workshops and events throughout the year to help students develop skills and make contacts. Students can also meet one-on-one with a professional staff member for personalized advising and assistance. In addition, all students interested in internships should meet with the Internship Coordinator to set goals, explore options and secure positions. For more details on what students can do throughout their college tenure toward their career development, see the “Career Services Four Year Plan”.

    Students who desire to pursue employment upon graduation can get tremendous assistance from Career Services. Each semester a number of recruiters come to campus to conduct information tables and on-campus interviews. Students can also search for jobs and internships through a variety of online options including Eagle Connect. Finally, the personal touch of the Brockport experience provides important networking opportunities with alumni, parents and other contacts.

    What Can I Do To Help Students? First and foremost, encourage your student to make time each year to visit Career Services. This website is a convenient way to begin exploring from the comfort of a student’s residence hall room or from home. Secondly, consider contributing your own expertise to Career Services’ efforts.

    Serving As A Career Contact Career Services needs assistance from parents to help current students explore a variety of majors and career fields. Serve as a point of contact for your major and/or current occupation, whether you took a direct or indirect route from one to the other. Topics students may want to ask career contacts about include how they chose their career, advice for preparing for careers, resume preparation, realistic idea of entry-level salary, suggestions for professional organizations to join, suggestions for courses to take, daily activities of your job, whether you recommend grad school for your job, etc.

    The insight you provide can help shape the career path of Brockport students. They will most certainly value your real-world experience and be appreciative of any advice you are able to provide. In addition, to volunteer to be contacted by students occasionally regarding your career or to indicate interest in talking with Career Services about other activities, described below, please contact us at

    Workshops/Student Programming Each semester Career Services offers numerous workshops featuring professionals from a variety of career fields sharing advice with current students. If you would consider serving on a panel or making a presentation about your work, employer or career path, please let us know.

    Internships Parents can be great contacts for current students and alumni interested in participating in an internship experience. If you and your organization would like to consider sponsoring a Brockport intern, please let us know.

    Externships/Site Visits Periodically, Career Services takes students on half-day field trips (“externships”) to employer worksites for tours, visits with entry-level staff and other job shadowing activities. If you and/or your organization would be interested in hosting a small group (15 or fewer) of Brockport students or an individual student, please let us know.

    On-Campus Recruitment Career Services welcomes parents who are employers or who work for employers interested in recruiting Brockport students for post-graduate employment. To learn more about recruiting opportunities for employers visit our employer relations web page.

    How Can Career Services Help Parents? We know that parents themselves may have career-development questions. Please note that most of the advice on this website is transferable to seasoned job seekers, as well as applicable to new entrants to the world of work. Advice about resume writing, interviewing and the most effective job search strategies is all available to parents from Career Services. In addition, valuable networking links and advice that is targeted at students and alumni may also pertain to parents, such as using LinkedIn and accessing the alumni associations of colleges you attended or professional association affiliated with your industry. Finally, the Resource Center library at Career Services is available for browsing to parents.

    We Support You And Your Students Our aim is simple: to support all students in every stage of the career development process from exploration to negotiation. We are dedicated to providing the best tools and advice to students. We believe that students should begin the career exploration process as early as possible in their college career. With this in mind, please join us in encouraging your student to initiate the process of choosing a major, learning to write strong professional documents, exploring internships, attending employer presentations, and engaging with College at Brockport staff, faculty, and alumni during their time here. These steps will help your student to develop a greater understanding of career fields and have more career options as they progress with their college education.

    As you can see, regardless of future goals, there is something for everyone at Career Services. We encourage students to become involved with Career early by stopping by the Career Resource Room, scheduling a career counseling appointment, attending a workshop, and making Career a regular part of their College at Brockport experience. You can help. Thank you for loaning us your students for four years.