Résumé and Cover Letters

A pen laying on top of a resume and cover letter As part of your overall job search strategy, a résumé and cover letter are critical. Your résumé is the first promotional piece that employers will ask for. It is meant to be an introduction to your experiences, education, and skill sets that you want to showcase for employers. Our Résumé section provides specific tips on how to write your résumé, including a Starter Guide, Complete Résumé Writing Guide, and Sample Résumés.

A cover letter is used to introduce the résumé and is your voice for showcasing what skills and experiences you have that would be of interest to the employer. The cover letter is really your time to spotlight what makes you a unique candidate. The Cover Letter section guides you through how to craft a cover letter that will be read and provides sample letters.

Finally, our Job Search Letters section addresses thank you letters and references. These are very important parts of your job search and should not be overlooked.