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Welcome to the official timesheet Webpage for the Office of Student Employment. Please make sure to fill out the proper timesheet (Temporary Service or Work-Study).  Timesheets that are incomplete or have errors may be returned for correction, and will delay paychecks.

There are two ways that you may complete timesheets for student employees

Option 1- Automated:
1. Open the proper timesheet from the Payroll Website using these links: Temporary Service or Work-Study.

photo2. You may then enter the basic information that will be true for your department for each student. Fill out department name and account number. You can do this for both the Temporary Service and Work-Study timesheets. Assuming you hire both TS and WS students, save each individual timesheet with either TS as file name, or with WS as file name. For both copies, use Microsoft Excel Workbook as file type. The suffix in the name should be .xls

3.You now have a basic timesheet for both TS and WS students. Open it up and enter/type information for a student employee. The hours that a student employee works can be selected in the pull down menu in increments of 15 minutes. The spreadsheet will total hours worked by week and for the entire pay period.

4. Print a timesheet for each student each pay period, and sign and submit them as you normally do.

Option 2- Paper:
You may also print and fill out the Temporary Service or Work-Study timesheets by hand. Simply print them, fill them in legibly and send to Payroll. Note: The above links will take you to timesheets specifically designed for filling in information by hand.

Remember, with all timesheets to double check all hourly calculations and totals, and be sure that signatures and hours all are legible and completed in ink if filled out by hand.

Problems?  Confused?  Call Adam Standish for assistance at 395-5414.