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Graduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)

Faculty-Student Rights, Responsablities, and Expectations

The Faculty Senate of SUNY College at Brockport has adopted this statement to promote academic excellence, to establish reasonable expectations for both students and faculty, and to ensure fairness and equity throughout the College.

I. Mutual Obligations and Responsibilities
Education is a two-way process. Students have the right to expect faculty members to be avail able during their published, regularly scheduled office hours, to be concerned with each student's academic problems, and to be ready to help students to the best of their ability. Students have the right to expect faculty members to be prepared for class and to present material reflecting the current state of their discipline(s). Students have the right to expect faculty members to indicate assignments clearly, to provide printed syllabi or other materials indicating their expectations at the beginning of the semester, and to offer timely feedback to each student on his/her progress.

Faculty members have the right to expect students to attend class regularly and to be prepared to engage in whatever discussion or discourse is appropriate to the assignment. Faculty members have the right to expect each hour of classroom time to be matched by at least two hours of study outside class by each student including activities such as reading, research, writing, and/or other forms of creative activity. Both students and faculty have the right to expect that the foregoing standards will be maintained on a consistent basis throughout the College. II. Support for Quality
Students are admitted to SUNY Brockport with a variety of backgrounds and achievement levels. Therefore, students have the right to expect a broad range of programs at Brockport, each offering a balanced blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. The College and its faculty are committed to providing the instructional techniques and academic support services needed to enable all students to maximize their academic potential without compromising appropriate standards.

Academically outstanding students have the right to expect standards and programs that will encourage them to meet their full potential. To assist in meeting this end, the faculty has established an Honors Program as well as scholarships that are awarded on the basis of merit alone. The faculty has the right and the responsibility to establish an admissions policy that encourages a continued and growing presence of academically outstanding students.

III. Academic Integrity
Education cannot exist in the absence of trust. Faculty members have the right to expect that students will be familiar with and abide by the Academic Honesty Code as published in the Your Right to Know & Academic Policies and Procedures Handbook. Students have the right to expect that the provisions of this Code will be enforced uniformly by all faculty members.

IV. Education: More than the Classroom
SUNY Brockport recognizes that student rights extend beyond the classroom. Students have the right to an atmosphere conducive to learning, including a clean, quiet place to conduct their studies. Students have the right to expect a variety of co-curricular or extracurricular events to supplement and enrich their academic and social lives with faculty participation and support for these activities. Students have the right to expect appropriate academic, personal, career, graduate school, and transfer advisement and/or counseling.

Faculty rights also extend beyond the classroom. The faculty has the right to expect that students have interests in the world around them, that students are informed about current events, and that students take seriously their responsibilities as citizens.

This statement is not intended to bind faculty members to any single set of standards or mode of teaching or to express the entire range of faculty and student rights, responsibilities, and expectations. The statement has been designed only to make clear a common attitude and a common assumption about the nature of education at SUNY Brockport and to clarify and strengthen the relationships that must exist between faculty and students if the educational process is to take place in an effective manner.

SUNY Brockport's
A Better Community Statement

As members of the State University of New York College at Brockport, we choose to be a part of an academic community that is dedicated to principles that foster integrity, civility and justice.

As citizens of a broad and pluralist society, we encourage those of all cultures, orientation and backgrounds to educate, understand and respect one another in a safe environment.

  • We respect the dignity of all persons and assume the best about them.
  • We challenge and reject all forms of bigotry while striving to learn from each other's differences.
  • We celebrate our differences while appreciating our similarities.
  • We value an inclusive environment that is accepting of each other's cultural, physical, cognitive, social and professional differences.
  • We respect the right of each and every member of the community, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, medical condition, disability or socioeconomic status.
  • We realize that our common interest exceed our individual differences.

As members of this College community, we strive for academic and personal excellence that will enable us to achieve lives of productive work, personal enrichment and useful citizenship in an increasingly interdependent world.
  • We invite the exploration of new ideas that can stretch us beyond artificial barriers that are academic, political, or social.
  • We affirm that the well-being of our individual units, groups, organizations or disciplines cannot be separates form the overall College community.
  • We, as members of smaller groups on campus, respect and affirm the transcendent values and principles of the overall College community.
  • We uphold the right of each individual to pursue his or her intellectual, educational, professional and personal goals in a fair and encouraging environment.

As individuals who work, study or live in the College community, we affirm our rights to freedom of expression and association, and the belief that they must be exercised responsibly.
  • We value the right to due process which includes concepts of fairness, notice, opportunity to be heard, and timely and objective review of determinations.
  • We acknowledge that the essence of academic freedom is the free and open expression and exchange of ideas, even when controversial or unconventional.
  • We affirm that the dignity of our Brockport community is protected when free speech, academic freedom and individual rights are expressed only with responsible and careful regard for the feelings and sensitivities of others.

The spirit of building a better community is best served when the ideals of integrity, civility, and justice are expressed and debates with tolerance and good will.

Student Participation in Assessment Activities

SUNY Brockport is engaged in several types of activity referred to as "the assessment of student learning outcomes" or simply, "assessment." The broad purpose of the College's assessment project is to demonstrate that the goals of the College Mission, of departments, programs, and student services with respect to student learning outcomes are being met.

Students enrolled at SUNY Brockport may be asked to participate in assessment by taking special tests, by allowing the College access to scores on nationally standardized examinations, by completing questionnaires and surveys, and by serving as members of focus groups or other discussion groups designed to obtain information.

Some assessment work requires statistical sampling of the student population so it is important that students be willing to help with assessment when asked. The cost to the student is a small amount of time but the benefits are improved instruction and services.

Students should be aware that programmatic assessment information is used in the improvement of college instruction at the curricular or programmatic level and may not reflect personally on individual students.

In addition to assessment instruments used solely for programmatic assessment, the College is developing some tests of individual academic skills competency such as the Computer Skills Examination. These tests may be used both as assessment devices for the College and to evaluate the skill level of individual students. Students will always be informed in advance of the purpose of any assessments in which they are asked to participate.

Any questions on assessment can be directed to the Office of the Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Education, (716) 395-2504.

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