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Graduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)


Department of Interdisciplinary Arts
1106D Tower
(716) 395-5262;
Fax: (716) 395-5872

Chairman: Sri Ram V. Bakshi.

The department offers graduate level courses in music which may be applied as requirements and/or electives in degree programs as determined through advisement. The department also organizes music events, Brockport College-Community Chorus, Jazz Ensemble, and Gospel Music.

MUS 513 American Music. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Explores styles and idioms of North America from colonial times to the present. Requires visual and aural analysis of structural and stylistic characteristics; and recognition of important composers and musicians. 3 Cr.

MUS 514 American Musical Theatre. Studies American musical theatre, including Broadway shows, by investigating and analyzing its form. Requires students to discuss, vie w and research selected works; and develop greater awareness in listening. 3 Cr.

MUS 526 Brockport Symphony Orchestra. Prerequisite: Audition. Requires students to perform a standard orchestral repertoire and develop orchestral techniques and an understanding of musical styles. 1 Cr. Every Semester.

MUS 585 American Folk Music. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Provides a performance approach to the history, styles and repertoire of North American folk music. Requires a research paper. 3 Cr.

MUS 587 Music and Child (A). Prerequisite: MUS 105 or instructor's permission. Covers methods and approaches in the use of music with children and for the total growth of children. Explores various vocal and instrumental materials suitable for children in creating original songs, rhythmic games, and sound stories. 3 Cr.

MUS 595 Special Topics in Music. Covers topics in music including special explorations and advanced projects. The exact nature of the topic and instructional methodology are defined by the instructor. 3 Cr.

MUS 599 Independent Study in Music. Prerequisite: Instructor's permission. Defined in consultation with instructor and in accordance with regulations of the office of Academic Advisement prior to registration. 1-3 Cr.

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