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Graduate Studies Catalog (1999-2001)

Department of Political Science

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Chairperson and Distinguished Teaching Professor: W. Raymond Duncan, Ph.D., Fletcher School of Diplomacy. Professors: Barbara Jancar-Webster, Ph.D., Columbia University; Stephen H. Ullman, Ph.D., University of Minnesota; Associate Professors: Walter A. Borowiec, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo. Assistant Professors: Mark Chadsey, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo; John J. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo; Dena Levy, Ph.D., University of Iowa; Andrea Rubery, Ph.D., Georgetown University; Robert B. Switky, Ph.D., The Claremont Graduate School.

While the Department of Political Science does not have a graduate degree program, its graduate course offerings may be applied as requirements and/or electives in degree programs as determined through the advisement process.

Political Science Courses

PLS 502 Legal Internship. Provides an experiential learning opportunity. Requires student interns to perform paraprofessional responsibilities in either a public or private law office. 6 Cr. Spring and Summer.

PLS 520 Civil Liberties, Civil Rights and the Constitution. Examines public policy and constitutional rights. Focuses on controversial constitutional issues such as affirmative action, capital punishment, adoption, and free press/fair trial conflict. Issues are discussed in a seminar format. 3 Cr.

PLS 525 Law & Social Problems. Explores the impact on and adequacy of legal solutions to selected problems. 3 Cr.

PLS 544 National Security. Covers recent changes in national security (military defense) policy perception, and planning and implementation as a result of technological advances. In particular, focuses on military defense policies, including strategies and tactics of the major powers; their principal allies and other powers of military consequence; and weapons proliferation, arms control, limitation, and reduction. 3 Cr.

PLS 545 International Law and Organization. Provides an introduction to modern public international law and to major international organizations such as the United Nations and associated bodies, as well as major regional organizations. 3 Cr.

PLS 548 Leadership. Draws upon recent scholarly studies and biographies to examine the essence of leadership in the modern age. Studies the uses of power that distinguish leaders from mere power holders. 3 Cr.

PLS 566 Environmental Politics. Investigates federal and New York state environmental policies, and the relationship between the two. Focuses first on federal environmental policy, then covers New York environmental policy. Includes topics selected from major environmental issues: air, water, land use, solid waste, hazardous waste, aesthetics and conservation, atomic energy, pesticides, and chemical waste. Requires two field trips. 3 Cr.

PLS 570 Nationalism (A). Cross-listed as INS 570. Examines the post World War II force of nationalism as a driving force in the international system, with special attention to the post Cold War period. Topics include ethnic nationalism and regional conflicts, multinational states and multistate nations. 3 Cr.

PLS 575 Political Geography (A). Cross-listed as INS 575. Covers key aspects of geopolitics as it affects foreign policy and international politics in the post World War II period. Examines such topics as resources, environment and human geography as well as issues associated with the study of geography-politics relationships: gateway states; shatter belts; heartland concept; and trade ties. 3 Cr.

PLS 599 Independent Study in Political Science. Arranged in consultation with the instructor-sponsor and in accordance with procedures of the Office of Academic Advisement prior to registration. 1-4 Cr. Every Semester.

PLS 643 Canadian Politics and Society. Explores the political impact of Canadian geography, history, demography, and culture. Examines federal and provincial institutions, e.g., the prime minister, House of Commons, parties, governmental policy on language, and international affairs. 3 Cr.

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